The American Heliaia

Ask me anything   The Heliaia was a people's court in ancient Athens created under the rule of Solon who laid the foundations for Athenian democracy. This page, at least at the outset, is going to be the voice of the people (namely me) discussing things of public and democratic interest.

Prophets of Doom

No, not Nostradamus or ancient Mayan calendars but Ph.D types discussing empires and their eventual downfall, which every civilization has experienced. It is a program on the History Channel as I type, but I am having to record the remainder. Dr. Nathan Hagens was a hedge fund manager and came to the belief that the model of economy on which the entire world operates is untenable and destined for massive collapse that will send the U.S. to a second tier status. He has a Ph.D in something, and his position is interesting.

The show is a debate with people who believe the impending shift in world order has different originations, whether economic or natural resources. Wish I had time to finish it; I am grateful for my DVR.

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After a great weekend…

I enjoyed a weekend that was the best of the last 52 of them, spending Saturday with my son at baseball, shopping for baseball gear, buying him a Lego reward for a 100 in spelling, and a slow lunch together. Sunday was with my beautiful wife Connie, working the horses and just being together with no place to go followed by barbecue.

Tonight I return to work and a new dispatcher is riding with me. It is good for them to see life on the other end and maybe the others will do it one night too.

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Exploring This Venue

As I explore this new format, I officially declare that Icarus Joy is removed from my Christmas Card list. Bear with me as I endeavor to make sense of this platform…

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